Would you dare crawl through the dungeons of deception ?

Each turn, use your energy to play cards and beat your enemies ! Fight your way to the boss and prevail !... if you can...hahahahAHAHAHAHA.



  • Engine: Godot 3.1
  • Graphics: Krita
  • Musics and Sounds: Bosca Ceoil, LMMS

All the code, sounds and graphical assets have been created during the jam.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorsPatteDeCanard, Hernz
GenreCard Game
Made withGodot


Dungeons and deception for Windows 26 MB
Dungeons and deception for Linux 28 MB
Dungeons and deception for MacOS 29 MB


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Great game. Easy to understand what everything does and it's very cute!

I won!!

Game is great! :)

I'm wondering how you made that cards bar.  I'm trying to make something similar, like in Hearthstone, or Slay the Spire. But I have no idea what to use for card images. Treat them as UI, and use texture rects, or treat them as 2d sprites? How to scale them, shuffle, ...

Could you tell me how did you approach that? I would appreciate it very much! :)

Thank you:)

We treat them as 2d sprites, and knowing the size of each card, we can compute their position. By default the cards are scale down, and when the mouse hover signal is triggered, the scale is increased.

I think it's possible to have the same effect with UI and TextureRect, but for me Godot's UI isn't very intuitive^^

The shuffle is just an animation using AnimationPlayer. And the animation where the card go to the discard from the hand is made using script. 

I hope it helps.

Thank you very much! :))

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This game is a lot of fun! Clean Hands META!

A Map could be cool

honestly the map would just be a circle with 5-6 point

I like the game, but im stilltraumatized with pick a card that torn into LIE


Same, it happens every time

this one was one of the best so far ive played, great job


Very nice! I like the style! Some of the text could be more readable but very impressive nonetheless.

This game is very fun. The visuals don't look "Professional" even though I kind-off like it. But the game is so fun, I wish there were even more and harder enemies. It's not necessarily better but I actually enjoyed this more then hearthstone